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A man’s shoes can tell you a lot about his habits, attitudes and general behavior. How we do one thing is generally how we do all other things in life. If a man doesn’t seem to give much importance to his belongings, especially his pair of Tansmith shoes, chances are he doesn’t have the sensibility to take good care of himself and you in a relationship. So guys before your partner judges you on how you keep your shoes, its time to take care of them.
Precaution is better than cure:
Fabric and suede shoes should always be sprayed with a stain guard prior to the first use to retain the original shine and nap. This will repel water and other stains from snow and spills.
Dirty Shoes:
  • If shoes become heavily soiled, use a mild application of saddle soap to wash the outsole with an old tooth brush. Make sure to rinse away all of the saddle soap. Residual saddle soap will damage leather, just as dried soap left on your skin will damage and cause excessive drying.
  • Wipe off the leather shoes with a damp cloth and allow it to dry before you polish it.
  • Never ever wash your leather shoes irrespective of sneakers, sport shoes or just plain moccasins in a washing machine or try drying them in the dryer.
    Spot cleaning:
    • A pencil eraser can also be used for spot removal on a leather street wear or casual shoes.
    • Sugar or alcohol spots can be removed from your shoes by using a solution of one part white vinegar and one part water.
    • Ice cream and chocolate stains should be scrapped off very gently with a light stroke of blade before wiping shoes.
    • Apply talcum powder on canvas/fabric shoe components to remove oil stains. Let it dry, and then rub it off.
      Cleaning Salt Stains:
      White salt marks should be rinsed off immediately with a 50/50 mixture of white distilled vinegar and water. Wipe dry, and follow the directions for wet shoes.
      Drying Wet shoes:
      • Leather shoes should always be dried naturally.
      • Never dry your leather formal or casual shoes in direct sunlight or dryer.
      • Never dry shoes near a fire or a heater. This overheating will literally cause the leather to become stiff and brittle.
      • First take off all the water and left over excess moisture from your shoes by stuffing your shoes completely with old newspaper. Take out the stuffing when it gets wet or moist.
      • Now tilt the shoes and let them dry in a room temperature with lot of air circulation.
      • Don’t let the shoes sit in a wet condition for long without drying them out or else they may become moldy. This isn't good for the shoes as mold or mildew is nearly impossible to get rid of.
        Suede & Nubuck shoes:
        • Never use any type of cleaner that contains an acid or a detergent. Both are damaging to fine leather shoes, and will age the shoe fast.
        • To clean suede or nubuck shoes, use a masking tape instead of using a wire suede brush which may takes off the rich nap, sheen and shine of the top layer. Wipe it off with a damp cloth if the dirt is still visible.
        • To clean Nubuck leather shoes use very very fine sandpaper and rub it gently till the stain starts to disappear.
          Patent Leather Shoes:
          • To clean patent leather formal shoes simply wipe them with moist cloth and leave for a while to dry.
          • Once totally dry buff them up with a soft clean cloth. This will keep your shoes shiny and will prevent any cracking.
            Cleaning Dirty Outsoles:
            • If crepe soles become sticky, put talcum powder on them and this should resolve the problem. If the crepe outsole shoe becomes stiff put them in a warm place (70 to 100 deg F) for few minutes and they should become flexible again.
            • Dry Leather soiled outsoles can simply be cleaned by fine sandpaper. Wipe the residue clean. Do not try clean the wet leather outsoles. This may damage the shoe outsole.
            • Thermo Plastic Rubber or other plain rubber shoe outsoles can simply be washed with a wet sponge.
              Polish and Protect:
              • Remove any laces from shoes before beginning. Shoe laces can be cleaned separately or replaced if they are in bad shape.
              • Wrap the corner of a soft cloth (an old t-shirt will just work fine) around your first and second fingers of your dominant hand. Twist the remainder of the cloth to tighten the portion around your fingers and hold that part in the palm of your hand. You can also use a horsehair brush instead of a cloth. Note if you use a brush, you'll need a different one for each color of polish you use on shoes.
              • Always test a small area of the shoe leather prior to polishing. The best place is to try at the less conspicuous areas like the tongue of your shoe or counter back strap to test and be sure that the color and polish is right.
              • When polishing shoes, use only a high quality cream or carnauba wax that will help moisturize leather and keep the leather from drying out or cracking. Make sure the polish matches the shoe color or use a neutral base. Always use a shade lighter than the shoe to protect the original finish of the shoe. Try not to use a liquid polish on leather shoes. Allow the shoes to dry (about 10 minutes) before you buff your shoes to optimum shine.
                • Always store shoes be it dress shoes or casual shoes in moisture-absorbing cedar shoe trees, to prevent leather from cracking and permanent creasing.
                • Always store shoes away from direct heat/sunlight to prevent the leather from drying out.
                • Avoid hot areas, such as attics, car garage or damp areas such as cellars.
                • Store leather shoes in a well-ventilated, cool, dry place.
                • Because your leather shoes breathe never store your shoes in a plastic bag. This may cause excessive drying of leather and will certainly damage your quality shoes.
                  When traveling:
                  Make sure your shoes are always paper stuffed or shoe tree tension lined when you travel. When traveling, use shoe bags; this will not only prevent your clothes getting dirty but will also protect your genuine leather shoes from scratches in transit. If you turn a shoe bag inside out, you can use it as a shoe mitt.
                  Exotic Skins shoes:
                  Exotic skins like Snake or Crocodile skin shoes have to be treated with special care. Take extra care when brushing. Always brush in single strokes in the direction of scale to prevent any kind of damage to the leather.
                  General Tips:
                  • Always use a shoe horn when putting on your shoes to prevent the counter back of the shoe from breaking down. Never force feet into the shoes.
                  • Give shoes a rest between wearing. Leather shoes should have one full day to dry out from natural foot perspiration and should not be worn on two consecutive days.
                  • So that your boot zip always runs smooth - run an unlighted wax candle up and down over and under the zipper once a month after cleaning the zipper with brush and damp cloth. Using Vaseline instead on shoe zipper is not advisable.
                  • Use a wooden shoe trees. The shoe tree can extend the life of your leather shoes. They draw moisture out of shoes; retain the original shape to some extent and prevent the leather from wrinkling and cracking. Using shoe trees daily prevents shoe upper leather from curling and cracking.
                    1. So show you’re a man of taste by keeping your premium leather shoes in pristine condition. It’s the fastest way of showing others that you take good care of yourself.

                      Disclaimer: Though every effort has been put to provide you the most cost effective shoe care solutions but will not be responsible should you end up damaging your shoes.

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