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Legend has it "If love is blind, his shoes will help you see" So true, a man may wear his heart on his sleeve but his shoes will tell you what condition it's in.

Flamboyant or flighty, loving or laidback- astute or sharp all it takes is just one glance at your shoes to know what exactly the kind of person you are. Yep, you got that right. A man's shoe displays his character, attitude, his inner personality and passion for life. Of all the items in a man's wardrobe, shoes are the single most important element of style. You could be wearing an Armani suit but till the time you don't wear the right shoe at the right place you are dressing wrong.


These are some of the fashion blunders people make while shopping for or while sporting their shoes.


Clumsy and Chunky Shoes

Shoes should look sleek, sharp and sophisticated and certainly not like a chunky block of wood tied to your feet. With rugged leathers and outsoles thick enough for a North Pole expedition, such shoes fail to impress even losers. They're the kind of shoes you see stubby clueless boys wearing to their first job interview. This is one fashion mistake you shouldn't make.


Do not walk on the wild side

Perhaps the worst culprit of all is the over-designed lifestyle sneaker made out of fabric. With color combinations bright and awkward enough to compete with the deadliest of poison dart frogs, the majority of men get the hint and stay away. Still, some who think they're taking a walk on the wild fashion side dare to sport these eye-assaulting atrocities. This should serve as a lesson that being bold with your style doesn't translate into a sneaker dipped in rainbow colors.


Keep sport off the Streets

Once outside the confines of a gym most men change their shoes but some actually make athletic shoes do double duty as street wear. Please make a clear distinction in your shoe collection and only wear street wear or lifestyle sneakers on a casual day and for heaven's sake do not flash your athletic or sport shoes off the court.


Office wear should not be boring

Office shoes should be stylish, sleek, modern, sophisticated and yet subtle. Gone are the days when you have to only wear boring oxfords or Derby's to the office. Unless you are 60 or do not have a single babe at work do not wear a shawl loafer to the office. 


Off Road shoes

Until just a few years ago, wearing sneakers with anything but the most casual of clothes was considered a fashion crime of the most heinous kind. However, as sneakers shed their athletic coat and become refined and urbane in design, they gain versatility. The right fashion sneaker can transform a buttoned-up look into something more accessible, comfortable and practical. Try a pair as an alternative to big bulky casual's shoes on a casual Friday at the office. It's the perfect way to start the weekend a little earlier. Also Hiking shoes are not casuals nor street wear, so guys keep them "off road" till your next hike to Grand Canyon.


Don't dress like a caveman.

Don't dress like an off duty cow boy, dude- in urban locals or worst like a cave man in such Native American looking moccasins. Invest money to buy a sharp looking driving moccasin.

Don't dress like a clown.

Simplicity is the key for being fashionable. Dress sharp and subtle to enhance your personality. Don't overdo on your appearance and looks because that will only make you look like a pimp.

Dress Right for Your Body Type

Knowing how to dress for your body type is the key to honing your personal style. Good style involves accentuating your strengths and minimizing the appearance of your weaknesses. For the short man, this means strategically manipulating how others perceive his stature. Always opt for a sharp, less chunky shoe; little pointy, angular or long looking shoes accentuate the height of a man. Check out dress collection from Tansmith.

Ok for Garden but not for Garden State Plaza Mall

Don't wear your rubber clogs to a trip to downtown or window shopping. Save them for your trip to beach or what they are technically meant for- You got that right dude- gardening.

Ignorance is not bliss

Don't stoop for non leather shoes, imitation or artificial leather shoes made out of PU coated fabrics even though sometimes they visually look like leather shoes and to disguise it further such shoes often have leather lining. In U.S it's a law that the shoe material composition should be clearly printed on the inside of the shoe. So dude, use your rights and make sure to read the shoe composition label (upper and lining material) mostly found on the tongue component before buying a new pair of shoes at store. Do not ever buy shoes made out of PU/ synthetics materials because not only you are giving that store salesman a chance to dupe you royally but you will also soon find yourself waiting in line to see a "Podiatrist" (foot doctor). The safest place is to shop at where all shoes are made out of 100% genuine leathers.

Don't get carried away

Think before you fall for a trend which is short lived like western boots, shoes with patches of cross, rubber rain boots etc. etc. Such styles might be in vogue today but it's a matter of days before they will vanish in thin air. So guys, don't let retailers cash on the hype.


Don't blend in, but stand out

Make sure to stand out in the crowd and do not camouflage your personality or presence by wearing shoes worn by an average Joe. First impression is often the last impression and it takes less then 4 sec for our brains to pick up the winner based on personality.


You are the Man

Don't continue to hang out in your tennis shoes even after you have grown mentally and physically. Let the babes know that you have grown up and you are the man.

Don't be a brand sucker

Always buy shoes which look great and not particularly what brand label has been stamped on them. Before you buy check the upper and lining composition. It's not very wise to invest more than $ 125 on a pair unless and until you are going for exotic skin uppers. Remember bigger names mean bigger overheads and bigger profits; pay the price for the product and not for the label. Sharp shoes are going to save you a lot of money and you will get tons of compliments without breaking the bank.

Penny wise pound foolish

Last but not the least you must have heard from your grandpa that in his times shoes could be reincarnated after having them back from the local cobbler. That's totally untrue, shoes are not Zombies. Technically shoes once worn out can't be resoled by your local cobbler without disfiguring the shape and style of the shoe.  All new shoes are formed on a mold in the factory and they are mortal. Please do not waste your time, energy and money to fix your old shoes. Invest in a new pair instead.


Remember "one-size fits all" does not apply in shoes and in fashion or attitude to life. So think before you make your purchase.

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