Wholesale / Private Label / Group Sales

Private label sales are surging across the U.S. across all channels, consumers are buying more private label than ever before. Private label sales now account for nearly one in every five items sold in U.S stores. The trend is going to continue as stores compete for business and look for companies who can produce world class products at competitive prices.

Throughout the U.S, retailers use store brands to increase business as well as to win the loyalty of their customers. Store brands enhance the retailer's image and strengthen its relationship with consumers. Whether a store brand carries the retailer’s own name or is part of a wholesaler's private label program, store brands give retailers a way to differentiate themselves from the competition.

For retailers and distributors, the time to emphasize private label has never been so compelling and the best way to go forward is to contact Tansmith for all your private label or Group sales business needs. Please register yourself at the wholesale section of our website. Upon successful registration a sales representative will be assigned to take care of your wholesale requirements.